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To Stop Climate Change, We Have To…Burn MORE Fossil Fuels?

To Stop Climate Change, We Have To…Burn MORE Fossil Fuels?

If the only way to stop climate change is to burn more fossil fuels in the short run, then we're already doomed.
5 min read
The World Has Already Ended

The World Has Already Ended

Due to climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss, the world in which civilization was born has already ended. Most people just don't know it yet.
13 min read
Earth Destroyed By Climate Change

Why Climate Change Will Crush Civilization Like a Bug

Climate Change is rapidly accelerating and will lead to the collapse of civilization in the lifetimes of most people alive today. Here's why.
39 min read
Apocalyptic City Overgrown With Vegetation

Should We Tell People It’s Too Late To Save Civilization?

Civilization is definitely going to collapse in the near future, but will telling people only make the problem worse?
5 min read
Earth Attacked by Greenhouse Gases

2023 Is The Year Climate Change Went Exponential

2023 saw record high temperatures and record low sea ice extent. It's clear that climate change is accelerating.
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Heatwave in a City

This is The Hottest Summer of Your Life…So Far

The summer of 2023 has been unbearably hot, and yet it's possible that the summers will never be this cool again.
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Earth Clock Countdown

Faster Than Expected: Why Climate Scientists Are So Scared

If climate change were a hoax, temperatures would be rising slower than expected, but that's not what's happening.
9 min read
Climate Change Effect On City

4 Facts That Convinced Me Climate Change Is Real

I used to think climate change was a hoax, but after doing some research, I discovered four facts I couldn't deny.
14 min read