collapse of civilization

Earth Destroyed By Climate Change

Why Climate Change Will Crush Civilization Like a Bug

Climate Change is rapidly accelerating and will lead to the collapse of civilization in the lifetimes of most people alive today. Here's why.
39 min read
Watching Last Days of Civilization

Living In The Last Days Of Modern Civilization

When I was a Christian, I believed we were living in the last days. I still do, but for different reasons.
8 min read
Overshoot - City After The Collapse

Overshoot: Why It's Already Too Late To Save Civilization

Now that humans have overshot the carrying capacity of the planet, collapse is inevitable no matter what we do.
19 min read
Destroyed City After The Collapse

10 Reasons Our Civilization Will Soon Collapse

There are many reasons civilization is going to collapse, but here's the top 10, and they all have something in common.
43 min read